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▄▀★キス @ L J★▀▄

~Use every chance like it was your last one~

6. Mai 2014

Hi life. Have I already told you… @ 12:24


…to f*ck off? Gently? Thank you.

So, I got unemployed today. Or fired. or relieved. Call it, whatever you want.

I almost cried my heart out, although I probably won't miss my colleagues that much. Even though, most of my favorite colleagues got kicked out the past couple of months.

But well, here I am. Sitting at Starbucks, like months before, reading The Bookthief, sipping my Caramel Macciato and TRYING not to over-think.

Actually, I should be happy. The last couple of weeks pulled anyways ways too much on my nerves. I kept complaining about everything. Of course, I had fun. I was glad, that I at least had a job. At least, I was employed. I had a regular wage. But now it's like… gone? And stuff?

I'm okay. As usual. I'm fine. As usual. Okay. It's strange. I'm kind of numb. Speechless. Overwhelmed. Upset. Dunno. Geht so. That's what I would say, when it comes to my first language.

I'm a strong, independent and creative woman. I know, what I want. I can do that. I have survived worse situations and I got stronger and did the best I could. And I will continue being strong. I can do it. NOT.

And the journey goes on.


5. März 2014

Thanks for the dream. @ 08:37

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Hatte grad einen der schönsten Träume meines Lebens…

Schauen wir mal wie lang der wird...Collapse )


17. Oktober 2013

HELLO WORLD. @ 12:41

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… or should I say: hello LJ?

Well, it's me again. Just wanted to do another entry before I get my lazy bum into studying. I am going to do a little procrastination update of my life, since it's been like forever I have written in here and I always kept my LJ in touch with the latest news [Or at least I tried to].

So… what happened the last couple of months? My hon daisuke_kaktor moved to my place for about the period of August'12 until June'13 and tried her best to support me at home, at school, doing her graduation while I did my diploma project, learned for my oral and written exam and tried my best to fail at life survive the past months.

Sounds like an awesome idea after all, but since my grandmother's heavy drinking problem got worse this year [and she tried to convince me that it's entirely my fault ^_^;] I finally moved in together with my girlfriend… now we have a lovely flat in Wr. Neustadt, which I quite like and we already have so much stuff in here it's plain awesome, but on the downside… I got sick two days before my oral graduation. And nobody believed me [except for my fiancée, teachers and my mom, thanks again ♡] And again it was utterly my fault.

But since I don't wanna go too emotional about it, I live finally in peace with my girl. I even got an awesome job, which I quite like, because I'm working at a bookstore in Vienna [go ahead, visit me one day! :'D] and I've got some really nice colleagues to fangirl with Klaine, CrissColfer, Thorki, Pokémon, ASDFGHJKL, … and I'm glad I made it this far.

The only thing that annoys me now and then are my nightmares. I dream the most ridiculous stuff since I moved out and live my own life. Maybe it's the fault of SPN >_>; But really… I hope, when I've got all my stuff from my hometown, I can finally have my peace. Because anytime I think of it now, my guts are wrenching and I feel like I'm going to throw up.

Okay, that was random. Anyways, since I move out, I am really enjoying my freedom. Have you guys any idea, how awesome it is just to read a book? Or watch TV? It's not like I wasn't allowed to… it's more like: If you start watching/ reading procrastinating like a pro you can be sure, that you get distracted within the next 10minutes. Seriously. My head starts hurting when I think about this. I can even cosplay what-/ when-/ and wherever I want. There's no one who tells me what to do and what not. And be aware, that I'm already 23, ya? Still got my grandmother's voice in my head when she said: That doesn't matter when your still 14 in your mind… FCK YOU. Sorry, I should stop. I'm only hurting myself with this. ANYWAYS.

I wouldn't be myself, if I don't fangirl like 24/7 and now I'm going to post some pics about some of the pretty times I like to remember:

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▄▀★キス @ L J★▀▄

~Use every chance like it was your last one~